Our values provide for the foundation of our utilities-scale projects development activities, and throughout every aspect of delivery from development through construction and operations. Because our success fully depends on the people we employ and the integrity of our relationships with counterparts, our values underpin how we operate and how we build and sustain relationships with all our employees, providers of outsourced services, customers, and communities in which we operate. Our values are:

Safety – No operating condition or urgency of service can ever justify endangering the life of anyone. At all times, BPI’s first thought and primary consideration is safety for all employees, for customers and for the general public.

Trustworthiness – Cultivating a reputation of integrity, honesty, straightforwardness and transparency in our conduct, transactions and communication.

Responsibility – Accepting accountability for our actions and living up to high ethical expectations.

Citizenship – Developing a sense of community among all those we encounter.

Respect – Treating all stakeholders with respect and dignity, regardless of position, and valuing each person’s talents, perspectives and experience.

Collaboration – Excellence through teamwork, within the relationships with stakeholders.

Excellence – Challenging tomorrow and taking on the responsibility of changing tomorrow.

Drive – Achieving objectives and maintaining values with energy, courage and commitment.

Caring – Maintaining a sincere desire to make the world a better place.