Our commitment to health, safety and the environment is illustrated in our environmental values highlighted in our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) management system. Achieving full regulatory compliance is considered the minimum standard that we strive to reach in the operation of BPI’s business. Therefore, it is our values and EHS policy that help us define the expectations for conduct and business practice across our Company.











At BPI, we highly value the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and communities in which we operate. Our EHS Policy establishes the principles to protect and advance the corporation’s essential interests and to fulfill commitment to our surrounding communities and environment. It is our environmental principles that ensure our long-term business success.



Our EHS policy is summarized in the following principles:

Accountability & Responsibility
Leadership is accountable for systematically managing EHS risks, opportunities and impacts as an integral part of our business. BPI involves all its employees at all levels of the organization in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and they are held accountable for understanding and incorporating EHS responsibilities into their daily work activities. Contractors, suppliers and partners are also held accountable for meeting applicable EHS requirements.

BPI seeks environmental efficiency enhancements via utilizing natural resources efficiently and reducing waste, discharges and emissions opportunities across our Projects. We strive to improve our operations with a focus on preventing environmental and safety incidents and preserving public safety. Moreover, BPI always seeks environmental improvements in all aspects of our business through monitoring performance to be able to assess environmental effects over the long term. We support the continual improvement of environment performance and pollution prevention, while controlling hazard elimination through employee involvement and continual health and safety improvement.

Standards & Principles
BPI ensures total compliance with all internal / local standards and applicable occupational health and safety regulations and any other laws and regulations. Strategic relationships are developed to promote sound public policy, which would be transparent and open to change and development.

BPI sets challenging goals and assesses performance to continually improve EHS management systems and results that contribute to business success. We work with our contractors, suppliers and partners to continually improve EHS performance. We are also committed to continuously investigating to better understand the nature of environmental effects and we are responsible to share such information with the community and our stakeholders; for good environmental management is a two-way process and BPI acknowledges there is much to learn from others. To be credible, any information collected must be independent and robust; it must have buy-in and input from all those affected.

BPI implements systems to foster open dialogue and informed decision making through meaningful and regular communication of EHS information with management, employees, contractors and the public, portraying its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.





Our Environmental Management System (EMS) has been developed to provide the necessary controls and guidelines to achieve BPI’s commitment environmental excellence and requirements. The EMS provides a common framework that connects our processes of business planning, implementation, measurement and performance improvement; it applies to all activities involving the use of natural and physical resources and the environment, from the conceptual stage of any project through the normal operational stages and activities of these projects. Thus the EMS offers BPI a guiding hand to ensure our business effectively and systematically manages EHS risks and opportunities.