Dr. Ahmed Bahgat



Ahmed Bahgat
Chairman and CEO

Dr. Bahgat is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Benchmark Power International. With his 42-year long and extensive experience in finance, investment banking and business development of major infrastructure projects, Dr. Bahgat has been engaged in the development of major energy conversion projects since 2004; he founded a group of Benchmark independent companies that have consciously and strategically been focusing their activities in the energy sector at-large, both upstream and downstream energy applications, conventional and renewable energies as well as exploitation of natural resources in mining and in oil and gas exploration and development, all with a regional African focus, including in certain countries of north Africa. He created BPI as a project development and investment platform company that spins-off Benchmark energy companies. Prior to his involvement in business development with his platform company BPI, Dr. Bahgat was the Vice President, Finance and Planning of the African Development Bank Group. The African Development Bank is a triple A rated supra-national development bank, engaged in promoting economic development and social progress of its regional member countries all over the African Continent.

Dr. Bahgat holds a Ph.D. in Finance and Banking, and an MBA from Rutgers – Graduate School of Management, in New Jersey, USA, an MS in Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology, and MS in accounting and a B.A. in Commerce from Cairo University, in Cairo, Egypt.