Corporate Governance

BPI understands that essence of corporate governance is the right balance between economic, individual and community goals, which is an integral part of our Company’s projects development and implementation processes. We assume our role as a good corporate citizen with seriousness, and so we are committed to making a positive difference and building significant relationships in places where our power plants are located. We believe that our responsibility is more than just developing power plants and providing energy. We believe in being reliable and trusted partners in the communities that we are a part of. Our actions are governed by our core values and principles, which are centered on trustworthiness, citizenship and excellence; these value are reinforced at all levels of the organization. These principles have been and will continue to be our guiding force in the future.

BPI follows a philosophy of long-term value creation by enhancing the value of its stakeholders, through meeting the needs of its customers, the desires of its employees and respecting and integrating with the community as a whole, without compromising on integrity, societal obligations, environment and regulatory compliances. BPI understands and commits itself to having citizenship responsibilities, to the environment, to health and safety of its customers, employees and surrounding communities, to engage with all stakeholders and to educate future generations.

For BPI, good Corporate Governance is a synonym for sound management, transparency and disclosure, encompassing good corporate practices, procedures, standards and implicit rules which propel a Company to take sound decisions, thus maximizing long-term shareholder value without compromising on integrity, social obligations and regulatory compliances. As a Company with a strong sense of values and commitment, BPI believes that profitability must go hand in hand with a sense of responsibility towards all stakeholders.