Benchmark Power International is a leading regional utility, development and investment platform company, with a diversified portfolio of utility projects, including thermal and renewable power plants as well as ammonia production in addition to water desalination plant in North & Sub-Saharan Africa. The Company was founded in 2007, and has evolved to be the business partner of choice in private utility–scale projects with a regional focus.


With a 3.5 GW of thermal and renewable electrical power projects, a sea water desalination plant of a capacity of 50,000 m3 / day, and a natural gas to ammonia plant of a capacity of 1,200 ton/day under development in Egypt and in Sub-Sahara Africa, we hold one of the largest and well diversified portfolios of utility assets under-development in Africa. BPI is leading the way to a new era of private sector participation in mainstream utility projects, aiming to become a top-performing, high-growth utilities producer, with a focus on our long-term value of core generation and production.


BPI is a utility, development and investment platform company with a strategy to develop, build, own and operate a balanced portfolio of energy-conversion projects and utility–scale projects. Through our experienced and skilled project development team and the optimization of our value chain, we are able to deliver energy conversion plants and utility projects of larger scales with market-leading cost and efficiency.


Our headquarters are located in Cairo, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and we have offices in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.